Ronald Green Quoted in Article, “Settlements Common in Harassment Cases Like Cain’s”


Ronald Green, Co-Founder of the Firm and founder of its national Labor and Employment practice, was quoted in an article titled "Settlements Common in Harassment Cases Like Cain's."

Following is an excerpt:

Claims of sexual harassment like those swirling around Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain are often settled quietly by U.S. companies and organizations, regardless of whether the accusations are true, employment lawyers said.

Details of the allegations against Cain are scarce, but a key issue is whether his former employers settled with two women said to have accused him of inappropriate behavior.
Cain said in Washington on Monday that he never sexually harassed anyone and that he was falsely accused while he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s.

Ronald Green said it would be "somewhat extraordinary" if Cain was unaware of the settlement as it is standard for parties in a harassment case to sign documents releasing each other from further claims.

"Since he was accused, he would be among those released, and he would certainly want to know that," Green said.