Mike Kun Profiled in “A Wage-Hour Attorney’s Novel-Writing Side Gig Goes Hollywood”

Law360 Employment Authority

Michael S. Kun, Member of the Firm in the Employment, Labor & Workforce Management practice, in the firm’s Los Angeles office, was featured in Law360 Employment Authority, in “A Wage-Hour Atty's Novel-Writing Side Gig Goes Hollywood,” by Mike LaSusa. (Read the full version – subscription required.)

Following is an excerpt:

Lawyers have all-encompassing jobs, but Epstein Becker Green's wage and hour co-chair Michael Kun has found a way to dabble in his passion for writing amid all of that work.

Kun has penned several works of fiction, including a new novel whose publication coincides with the release of a film adaptation of an earlier book.

The new novel, "The Allergic Boy Versus the Left-Handed Girl," was published last month, just a few days after the movie "Eat Wheaties!" — based on Kun's 2003 novel "The Locklear Letters" — hit theaters and streaming services. ...

How does writing fiction intersect with your legal career?

I don't write legal thrillers, but more than a few of my books do involve lawyers in some way. In "The Locklear Letters," a young and inexperienced lawyer helps Sid Straw. "The Allergic Boy Versus the Left-Handed Girl" deals with Jimmy Nails' struggles in the courtroom to try to convince a judge that he wrote this book. An earlier book I wrote called "You Poor Monster" has a young lawyer as the lead character. So I've tried to draw upon my own experiences and my own knowledge of the law to make those things more accurate.

Writing fiction is very, very different than writing legal briefs or memos, but there's still something about the idea of writing just being writing. The amount of time I spend focusing on it makes writing second nature to me. I know for some people the least favorite part of the practice of law is sitting down and putting pen to paper. But for me, it's something I enjoy doing, so it comes somewhat naturally.

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