Michael Kun Featured in Bloomberg BNA Q&A “Epstein Becker Partner Lends Perspective on Building a Law Firm App”

Bloomberg BNA

Michael S. Kun, a Member of the Firm in the Labor and Employment practice, in the firm’s Los Angeles office, discussed the updated Epstein Becker Green Wage and Hour app with Bloomberg BNA’s Big Law Business, in the Q&A “Epstein Becker Partner Lends Perspective on Building a Law Firm app,” by Gabe Friedman.

Following is an excerpt:

Big Law Business: What were the challenges?

Kun: I don’t want to suggest that money was no object. I will say we had no difficulty convincing the management of our firm that this was something valuable.

One of the biggest challenges was making sure that whatever we were putting on the app was accurate. The last thing we wanted to do was create an app that was good-looking and worked but was giving inaccurate information. One of the things we could have done is outsourced this. We could have hired some contract lawyers to develop the content for this. The reason we only spoke about doing that for a few seconds is there is a certain irony in developing an app to let people know your expertise in an area and then hiring someone else to populate content. So we’re talking about some fairly significant time commitments from the attorneys to create the content. Writing and proofreading and so forth.