#MeToo Movement: Implications for Employers and Employees

Thomson Reuters Westlaw Journal

David W. Garland and Nathaniel M. Glasser, Members of the Firm, in the Employment, Labor & Workforce Management practice, in the firm’s New York and Washington, DC, office, authored an article in Thomson Reuters Westlaw Journal, titled “#MeToo Movement: Implications for Employers and Employees.”

Following is an excerpt (see below to download the full version in PDF format):

Since the first sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein jolted the country into awareness and ignited the #MeToo movement, businesses, HR professionals, employment lawyers and advocacy groups have heightened their attention to the already-fraught issue of workplace harassment.

In a special section of Westlaw Journal Employment, attorneys representing businesses and workers lend their experience and expertise to the topic, setting out the challenges, the law, and the practical steps for traversing this newly charged legal landscape.

The authors discuss the implications of workplace sexual harassment from a variety of angles, including employers’ need to re-evaluate their policies and practices, the possible impact on the issue of pay equality, and the pros and cons of recent legislative reactions.