Melissa Jampol Quoted in “Jeffrey Epstein’s Final Days – and the Legal Cases That Won’t Die with Him”

Fox News

Melissa L. Jampol, Member of the Firm in the Health Care & Life Sciences and Litigation practices, in the firm’s New York office, was quoted in Fox News, in “Jeffrey Epstein’s Final Days – and the Legal Cases That Won’t Die with Him,” by Hollie McKay.

Following is an excerpt:

In the final days of Jeffrey Epstein’s life, the high-flying financier who had once counted royalty and presidents among his friends was largely flying under the radar, communicating little from his eight-foot-square cell in a New York federal lockup.

Epstein was grounded following his July arrest on the sex-trafficking charges that had dogged him for decades — charges that now threatened to keep him locked up for 45 years (for the 66-year-old, the equivalent of a life sentence). …

The U.S. attorney in Manhattan has declared that others who may have conspired with Epstein will continue to be closely investigated. …

Melissa L. Jampol, a former sex crimes assistant at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, underscored that a brighter light will now likely shine on the “others” named in the Epstein circle and any possible criminal proceedings against them.

“There is a strong possibility that criminal charges could be brought against others involved in the allegations involving Epstein and who were potentially his co-conspirators — those who enabled his actions,” said Jampol. “Epstein’s death may also make survivors likely to come forward and contact law enforcement authorities.” …

Jampol agrees, adding that wild speculation about Epstein’s death will likely continue unless all the questions surrounding it are answered in a transparent, complete and believable way.

“The ‘suicide’ raises questions of how this was possible in such a highly secure area of the prison,” she added. “There is a specter of malfeasance possible here — someone could have wanted Epstein silenced, given his apparent connection to many high-profile power brokers.”