Matthew Goodin Quoted in “Independent Contractor Model Survives Lyft Settlement”

HR Hero’s Human Resources News

Matthew A. Goodin, a Senior Attorney in the Employment, Labor, and Workforce Management practice, in the firm’s San Francisco office, was quoted by HR Hero’s Human Resources News blog, in “Independent Contractor Model Survives Lyft Settlement.”

Following is an excerpt:

Goodin said it seems the only change Lyft is agreeing to make is to allow its drivers to challenge issues that may lead to them being deactivated and that Lyft will pay arbitration costs for employees making challenges. “Employers usually end up paying arbitration costs anyway, so this does not seem like a significant ‘win’ for the drivers,” he said.

“The takeaway for other employers with similar issues is to make sure they have valid arbitration agreements that contain a waiver of the employee’s right to pursue class actions in arbitration,” Goodin said. “This seems to have given Lyft a significant advantage in this case.”