Mark Lutes Quoted in Article, “How Did We Get Here? America’s Health Care Journey”

ABA Journal

Mark Lutes, a Member of the Firm in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the Washington, DC, office, was quoted in an article titled "How Did We Get Here? America's Health Care Journey," written by Dan Heilman.

Following is an excerpt:

President Obama made it a priority of his administration to overhaul the United States' health care system. His 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides for the phased introduction over four years of a comprehensive system of mandated health insurance. The ACA also features reforms designed to eliminate such insurer policies as precondition screening, premium loadings, and lifetime and annual coverage caps.

"The thing that strikes me as unrecognized by both policymakers and the public at large is the degree to which employers are at risk for health care benefits for employees and their dependents," said Lutes.