Mark Armstrong Featured in Radio Segment, “Houstonians Try to Predict Supreme Court on Health Law”


Mark Armstrong, a Member of the Firm in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the Houston office, was featured in a radio segment called "Houstonians Try to Predict Supreme Court on Health Law."

Following is an excerpt:

Last week the Supreme Court held three days of arguments on the national health reform law. Texans in health care are still absorbing the arguments and trying to figure out if the law will stand. There's still a lot of uncertainty, although some people — on both sides — seem to feel the court will swing their way.

Armstrong is a Houston attorney who represents health care clients on both sides of the issue. 

He says his clients aren't going to stop planning for the law quite yet.

He also cautioned against reading anything into what a particular Justice said, or didn't say.

"The Supreme Court Justices don't necessarily ask questions because they need an answer to it, they may ask a question because they want somebody else to hear an answer on the bench. And we can't always decide from an oral argument as to what direction the Supreme Court are going just based upon the questions that they ask at oral argument. So really at this point it's a wait and see."