Lynn Shapiro Snyder, Sam Nussbaum Quoted in “Biotech Stocks Are in for More Election Trouble on Drug Pricing”


Lynn Shapiro Snyder, Member of the Firm, and Sam Nussbaum, Strategic Advisor for EBG Advisors, Inc., were quoted in MarketWatch, in “Biotech Stocks Are in for More Election Trouble on Drug Pricing,” by Michael Brush.

Following is an excerpt:

“It is all about transparency and shame,” says Snyder, who was named as one of the “100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare” by Modern Healthcare magazine. “The disclosures and the justification are designed to create a chilling effect, so that people think twice before setting a price.” …

This explains why about 70% of consumers want limits on drug pricing, says Nussbaum, citing Kaiser Family Foundation research. It’s an especially big issue for seniors, who use a lot of meds — and also happen to turn out aggressively at the polls.

“This is a very real issue, and that’s why it’s top of mind for consumers,” says Nussbaum, a former Harvard Medical School researcher who was also the chief medical officer at Anthem Inc. … a health insurer.

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