Larry Kocot Quoted in “ObamaCare Enrollment Deadline for Pre-existing Conditions Delayed”


Larry Kocot, a Member of the Firm in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the Washington, DC, office, was quoted in an article titled "ObamaCare Enrollment Deadline for Pre-existing Conditions Delayed."

Following is an excerpt:

The Department of Health and Human Services announced Wednesday it would be extending the enrollment deadline for those who are participating in the Pre-existing Conditions Insurance Plan (PCIP) to March 15 from Jan. 31. ?...

This latest delay isn't necessarily a bad one, especially for PCIP participants, says Larry Kocot, visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution.

"I think it's a prudent step to protect instability in coverage in a time of transition. This is one of the more vulnerable populations, so we need to make sure there are no gaps in coverage."