John Houston Pope Quoted On Outlook For ERISA Suits In 2010


John Houston Pope, a Member of the Firm in the Employee Benefits and Litigation practices in the New York office, was quoted on the outlook in 2010 for litigation involving benefits issues.

In the article, "ERISA Suits Show No Sign Of Abating," Pope said that law suits stemming from employee stock option plans and 401(k)s may increase, as well as litigation sparked by changes to plans during the financial crisis and, more recently, in the run-up to a health care bill , which included a provision that might have limited the options of companies seeking to make plan amendments.

Clarification of the law won't necessarily reduce litigation, and recent Supreme Court decisions in Hardt v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co. and Metropolitan Life v. Glenn could end up encouraging law suits, Pope said.

"This area will always have a lot of confusion because of the complexity in law and the ingenuity of those making claims under the law," he said.