INSIGHT: Health-Care Coverage and Reimbursement Amid Coronavirus

Bloomberg Health Law & Business News

Anjali N.C. Downs, Anjana D. Patel, Jackie Selby, Kevin Malone, and David Shillcutt, attorneys in the Health Care & Life Sciences practice, co-authored an article in Bloomberg Health Law & Business News, titled “INSIGHT: Health-Care Coverage and Reimbursement Amid Coronavirus.”

Following is an excerpt:

An unprecedented amount of federal, state, and local laws, regulations, orders, and the like have been promulgated as the U.S. struggles to deal with the Covid-19 crisis.

Whether and to what extent state and local officials are able to coordinate with Congress and federal policymakers on key issues will be an important determinant of how the health-care system is able to respond to Covid-19.

This article addresses three examples of health-care coverage and reimbursement dynamics occurring in the marketplace as result of Covid-19: effects of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, managed care contract considerations, and effects of the pandemic on the opioid crisis.

Taken together, these changes, among many others at the federal, state, and local level reflect the urgent need for coordinated policy-making in the regulation of the coverage, payment and delivery system to help the health care system respond to Covid-19, while continuing to adequately meet the health-care needs of the American public.