Groban Quoted in Article About E-Verify Program in Denver, Colo.

Denver Business Journal

Robert Groban, Chair of the Firm's Immigration practice in the New York office, was quoted in an article about the E-verify program in Denver, Colo.


The article discussed how Denver immigration-rights groups and some City Council members may be upset about the city's new requirement that construction contractors use the federal E-Verify system to check the citizenship status of new workers. However, according to the article, metro-area businesses are happy with the requirements. Contractors and business associations say it's common to use the system, which checks Social Security numbers of new employees against a federal database to determine whether they're legally allowed to work in the country. Some small contractors may find it time-consuming to learn how to use the system, but most companies feel it's more helpful than harmful.

Groban stated that he's surprised that cities such as Denver continue to move forward with local laws before that case against Arizona has been settled by the U.S. Supreme Court.

"I would be loathe to incur as a municipality the lawsuits that inevitably come with this," Groban said. "I would put it on hold for six months until the Supreme Court is done with it."