Gerson Remarks on Value of Justice Advisory Committees for GOP Presidential Hopefuls

Corporate Counsel

Stuart M. Gerson, a Member of the Firm in the Litigation and Health Care and Life Sciences practices at the firm's Washington, DC and New York offices, was quoted in an October 1, 2007, article in Corporate Counsel examining Rudolph Giuliani's decision to create a "justice advisory committee" of leading conservative legal minds. The article, "What to Expect," raised the question of whether the decision by Giuliani and other GOP presidential hopefuls to use such panels would be useful during presidential campaigns.

Gerson, who served as a senior campaign advisor to George H.W. Bush, noted that most campaign issues do not require the attention of sophisticated legal advisors. "The question is, how much effect do folks like this have on the campaign?" Gerson said. He added that the issues in a presidential campaign "tend to be very broad-based."