George Carroll Whipple, III, Featured in 9/11 Memorial’s Our City. Our Story. Podcast Series

9/11 Memorial's Our City. Our Story.

George Carroll Whipple, III, a Member of the Firm in the Employment, Labor & Workforce Management practice, in the firm’s New York office, was featured in the 9/11 Memorial’s Our City. Our Story. Podcast Series, in “Episode 9: Eyebrow Man.” The podcast details Mr. Whipple’s personal experience as a reporter for “On the Town,” on NY1 News, in the days following the September 11th terrorist attacks, and his efforts in Putnam County, to establish a 9/11 memorial there.   

Following is an excerpt from Mr. Whipple's comments:

It was important for all of us to fight back and say we are still here. We are not defeated. And you cannot stop us by killing thousands of innocent people. You cannot stop us by knocking down skyscrapers. Nothing will stop this city and if you think you can, you’re wrong. Guess again.

I think it was important that NY1 … that other media … that celebrities made this statement. It was one of many, many, many, many, many statements that were made, but this is what these people could do for their neighborhood to have the horrible damage, the horrible loss of life, stop. And not let further damage take place, not let further collateral damage take place, like local businesses going out of business, like people moving out of the neighborhood. And they were going to fight back. They held the line. And all of New York held the line.