George Breen Quoted in “Why ICD-10 Coding Demands a Focused Compliance Perspective”


George B. Breen, a Member of the Firm in the Health Care and Life Sciences and Litigation practices and Chair of the firm’s National Health Care and Life Sciences Practice Steering Committee, was quoted by RevCycleIntelligence, in “Why ICD-10 Coding Demands a Focused Compliance Perspective.”

Following is an excerpt: How did ICD-10 implementation unfold thus far compared to initial expectation? What can the healthcare industry expect going into 2016?

George Breen: People thought so long as they were able to get through week one there would be some comfort about being able to go forward on a grander scale. My reaction to that was, "You're not going to be able to assess this realistically after week one, and don't allow yourself to get into a false sense of security that things are okay just because you have."

At year-end, maybe you’ll see some reflection of changes, as reported late last week, on CMS's announcement that was touting some success in terms of the transition. Let's face it, there were pretty lengthy delays to the implementation of ICD-10. Frankly, the delays helped the process in terms of having people be better prepared.

This article follows up on the analysis of the likely results of ICD-10 implementation Mr. Breen and Bethany Hills, a Member of the Firm, previously provided to RevCycleIntelligence.