George Breen Quoted in “2015 FCA Litigation Review: An Old Act with New Tricks”

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business White Paper August 2015

George B. Breen, a Member of the Firm in the Health Care and Life Sciences and Litigation practices and Chair of the firm's National Health Care and Life Sciences Practice Steering Committee, was quoted by Wolters Kluwer, in “2015 FCA Litigation Review: An Old Act with New Tricks.” The article discusses several recent False Claims Act case decisions and predicts how those cases will affect future litigation.

Mr. Breen provides his analysis of Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc. v. U.S. ex rel Carter (May 26, 2015) in the following excerpt:

According to Attorney George Breen, “This holding will provide opportunity for realtors to bring more troublesome cases after early filers’ cases have been rejected by the government and abandoned by realtors or dismissed by the Courts.” He further stated that, “this decision allows for complex and sophisticated lawsuits that are not recognized at first blush but which can be brought at any time when there is nothing else relevant pending.”