Erika Collins Quoted in “Let’s Extend a Welcome to Digital Nomads”

Oller Abogados Blog

Erika C. Collins, Member of the Firm in the Employment, Labor & Workforce Management practice, in the firm’s New York office, was quoted in “Let’s Extend a Welcome to Digital Nomads,” a blog post by Jose Prado and Luis Arredondo of Oller Abogados. (Read the full version in Spanish.)

Following is an excerpt:

One of the most perceptible effects of Covid-19 in the new labor reality is that companies, and therefore also their collaborators, have realized that traditional working conditions: offices, working hours, location have given way to more flexibility and also, greater efficiency for all.

This is how what they call “Digital Nomads” has emerged which, as Erika Collins of the Epstein Becker & Green firm has said, are individuals who do not depend on a location, who work independently or within the payroll of a company and who provide its services through non-contact technological resources. Under this figure, a Digital Nomad could be in a hotel or ... on the beach or in the mountains, in a cafeteria or in a coworking space without needing to be in an office or even in their own country.

This new concept was born as an even more flexible variable of teleworking, allowing the service provider to work remotely from anywhere in the world, always meeting objectives, deadlines, and maintaining the employment relationship with their employer at a distance.

Faced with this reality, countries such as Estonia and Barbados have established new categories of temporary visas in order to reactivate their economy and tourism based on the temporary stay of these individuals, who by producing foreign exchange and consumption in the "host" country directly impact the economy of the country.

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