Epstein Becker Green Article “Shhh – CARES Act Hush Money Loans Require Desperate Employers Not to Oppose Unionization” Featured in FlashReport


FlashReport, a digest on California political news, featured a Management Memo blog post titled “Shhh – CARES Act Hush Money Loans Require Desperate Employers Not to Oppose Unionization,” co-authored by Adam C. Abrahms, Steven M. Swirsky, Christina C. Rentz, and Brock Olson, attorneys in the Employment, Labor & Workforce Management practice.

Following is an excerpt:

In the chaos of a global health pandemic and what some economists are calling the Great Suppression, Americans have shown amazing solidarity in the battle against the coronavirus (“COVID-19”).  Nationwide, citizens are social distancing and staying home while businesses are closing their doors and redeploying their resources to meet emergent demands.  However, this collective American commitment has come at a steep economic cost.  Millions of Americans suddenly find themselves unemployed or unable to work while previously thriving businesses have been thrown into financial despair.  Unfortunately, rather than join in the collective effort, labor unions seized on the desperation to gain unprecedented advantages, suppress employer rights and deprive employees of their full freedom of choice – namely unions were able to obtain a single sentence in the CARES Act which mandates employers remain silent and commit to not oppose unionization of their employees in order to obtain the loans needs to maintain those jobs and save their businesses.