Epstein Becker Green and Deloitte Legal’s Strategic Alliance Featured in “Options Abound: ALSPs Give Clients More Choices Than Ever in 2020”

The American Lawyer

Epstein Becker Green and Deloitte Legal’s Alliance for Employment Law and Workforce Management Services was featured in The American Lawyer, in “Options Abound: ALSPs Give Clients More Choices Than Ever in 2020,” by Dan Packel.

Following is an excerpt:

At the dawn of 2020, leaders of corporate law departments have choices like never before. Gone are the days when they had one option to handle a legal matter that surpassed the capabilities of their in-house staff: dial up a law firm. The market abounds with new vendors—Axiom, UnitedLex, Elevate and plenty of less-prominent names—that promise new ways of handling legal work, and the Big Four accounting firms continue to eye legal services as an opportunity. With the rise of legal operations as a discipline, clients have turned to data to guide their efforts to slice and dice work between firms and alternative providers. …

Nonetheless, complacency isn’t an option. In 2020, expect more and more law firms to advance along one of two paths: partnering with alternative providers, or enhancing their own internal capabilities to handle high-volume, low-margin work. …

When it comes to integrating technology and improving processes, the Big Four are already ahead of the curve. Although they are still barred from directly offering legal services in the United States, one sign of their continued appetite for growth is in their alliances with established firms. Take Deloitte’s recent pairing with Epstein Becker Green on employment law as an example. Expect to see even more of these tie-ups, even as discussions of regulatory changes in several states could open the door even wider.

For more information, please read our Announcement, “Epstein Becker Green and Deloitte Legal Launch Strategic Alliance to Address Global Workforce Management Issues.”