EBG Advisors Featured in “Epstein Becker Green Grows Consulting Arm with Two Hires”

Bloomberg BNA

Sam Nussbaum and Xan Raskin, Strategic Advisors for EBG Advisors, Inc., were featured in Bloomberg BNA’s Big Law Business, in “Epstein Becker Grows Consulting Arm with Two Hires.” The article also featured Bob Atlas, President of EBG Advisors, and Mark Lutes, Chair of the firm’s Board of Directors, who explained Epstein Becker Green’s consultancy and the firm’s goal of better serving its clients through the EBG Advisors network and resources.

Following is an excerpt:

Bob Atlas, president of EBG Advisors Inc., said the company now has a team of 10 in-house consultants from the health care and HR industries, since launching in 2006.

EBG Advisors primarily operates in the health care space, and because health entities are often very large employers who may face workplace issues, it made sense to bring in HR capabilities as well, according to the firm. …

EBG and its consulting group are able to help clients think about due diligence not only from the view of is there a danger of litigation or shutdown from a compliance perspective, he said. But also to look at issues involving coding, how folks who run the hospital systems are interacting with the products and services of the company under evaluation, or how commercial payers are looking at the company in which the client is potentially investing.

“By bringing in through EBG Advisors, folks who have had executive positions in large health care systems and large payers, into our analytics, our clients find there are efficiencies,” Lutes said.

Epstein Becker Green announced the addition of Mr. Nussbaum and Ms. Raskin to EBG Advisors early this month.