Disler Quoted On New Health Law’s Impact On HR Departments

BNA's Human Resources Report

Joan Disler, Chair of the Employee Benefits Practice, was quoted in an article on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's impact on human resources practitioners.

The article, "New Health Care Law Means New Challenges And Tasks for HR, Benefits Specialists Assert," stated that HR departments will need to focus on the task of implementing the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed into law last month by President Obama.

The key for HR practitioners is to keep abreast of what they need to know through seminars and classes, keep employees informed of any plan changes, and be open to making alterations to their plans.

"It's a very lengthy document—my clients are looking to get as much information and clarification as they can and figuring out the costs as they go along,'' Disler remarked. ''There's a lot of digging and figuring it out as they work towards the goal.''