Developing a Strategic Plan for AI in the Workplace: Where to Start

Benefits Pro

Michelle Capezza, Member of the Firm in the Employee Benefits and Health Care & Life Sciences practices, in the firm’s New York office, authored an article in Benefits Pro, titled “Developing a Strategic Plan for AI in the Workplace: Where to Start.”

Following is an excerpt:

While various advancements in technology, robotics, and artificially intelligent (AI) systems have entered the workplace in recent years, many have debated how quickly these new tools, machines and systems would fully transform the workplace. It seemed that there was at least a bit of runway before a major transformation, including any resulting job loss, would be realized.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, however, millions of workers around the globe were sent home to work, some continued to work on-site during the pandemic, while many others found themselves without employment. Employers had to pivot quickly to revamp their systems and prepare workers for a new workplace in order to remain operational, which did not leave much time to strategically plan or evaluate particular technologies and tools, or consider their long-term impact.

Various types of working arrangements, overall workforce management, and delivery of products/services were made possible in large part due to the advancements in technology and communications, cloud-based services, and a variety of AI-based tools.

Now, many employers are evaluating their business models, including when and how to bring their employees back to the workplace, whether they will continue to function with remote work arrangements or deploy a new hybrid work approach combining remote and on-site workdays, as well as their overall recruitment needs. Further, the machines, tools and AI-based systems that were being created have had another year to advance.

As a result of these events, there is a greater recognition that the future is now, the meaning of the workplace has been forever transformed, and that the runway to introducing advancements in AI into the workplace has been drastically shortened. Organizations should use this time as a strategic planning opportunity for the deployment of AI in the workplace. Here are some important considerations …