Bradley Merrill Thompson Quoted in “Increase Your Chances of Survival in the Obamacare Apocalypse”

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry

Bradley Merrill Thompson, a Member of the Firm in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the Washington, DC, office, was quoted in an article titled "Increase Your Chances of Survival in the Obamacare Apocalypse."

Following is an excerpt:

Heading into 2014, medtech doomsday preppers are busy developing survival strategies for the perceived Obamacare apocalypse while others are adopting a wait-and-see approach. But amid the doom and gloom, there are several beacons of hope offering opportunities for medtech success. ?...

In a recent Frost & Sullivan survey, 51% of respondents identified mHealth as the hottest topic in healthcare. And with the 2013 release of the final guidance on mobile medical apps, companies now have some clarity on how to proceed in this chaotic but promising space.

"Mobile apps are growing in number exponentially but, more importantly, are starting to do higher-value tasks," says Epstein Becker & Green's Bradley Merrill Thompson. "Apps are significantly empowering patients to take control of their own care, providing patients with the data they need to make important decisions. Further, nearly every electronic medical device will somehow be connected to an app."