Bonnefil Quoted in Article About Arizona Immigration Law

HR Magazine

Pierre Bonnefil, a Member of the Firm in the Immigration practice in the New York office, was quoted in an article on how the new Arizona immigration law will impact employers.

The article discussed how Arizona's new wide-ranging immigration bill, scheduled to go into effect July 28, 2010, makes it illegal to be in the state without proper documentation. It also grants law enforcement personnel the power to check the immigration status of anyone they have legally stopped or detained. Further, the law makes it illegal for an undocumented alien to apply for work or to perform work as an employee or independent contractor anywhere in the state.

SB 1070 "criminalizes immigration law," stated Bonnefil. "If there is reasonable cause to believe that you are unlawfully present in Arizona, you can be charged with trespassing, which is a criminal offense."

This goes farther than federal immigration law, Bonnefil added. One result may be an increasing fear among employers of hiring anyone who is not a native-born American, even those who are lawfully present in the United States.