Bob Atlas Quoted in “Reconciliation Bills’ Proposed Medicaid Cuts Raise Big Questions for States, MCOs”

Medicare Advantage News

Bob Atlas, a Strategic Advisor and President of EBG Advisors, Inc., in the firm’s Washington, DC, office, was quoted in Medicare Advantage News, in “Reconciliation Bills’ Proposed Medicaid Cuts Raise Big Questions for States, MCOs,” by Lauren Flynn Kelly.

Following is an excerpt:

That’s because states could effectively pass the per capita caps through to the MCOs, suggests Bob Atlas, president of the EBG Advisors unit of health care law firm Epstein Becker & Green, P.C. and a longtime Medicaid managed care strategist. “Today, just under one-half of all Medicaid spending is made via capitation payments; the AHCA could raise that share significantly,” he tells AIS Health.

“What remains unknown is whether the new flexibility states will be afforded — not spelled out in the House bill but to come later through executive branch action such as regulatory changes and waivers — will free states to act in ways that are beneficial to MCOs, or potentially harmful,” he points out. “Something that potentially helps MCOs would be to ease demands for beneficiary freedom of choice.” But something that potentially hurts them, he notes, would be if states no longer had to adhere to the actuarial soundness requirement that was included in the Medicaid managed care rule published last year (MAN 5/5/16, p. 1).