Bob Atlas Quoted in “Questions on Medicaid Expansion, Funding Linger as GOP Sets Stage for ACA Repeal”

Medicare Advantage News

Bob Atlas, a Strategic Advisor and President of EBG Advisors, Inc., in the firm’s Washington, DC, office, was quoted in Medicare Advantage News, in “Questions on Medicaid Expansion, Funding Linger as GOP Sets Stage for ACA Repeal,” by Lauren Flynn Kelly.

Following is an excerpt:

“The biggest question for Medicaid plans, which may not be the shortest-term question, is will Medicaid be converted to a block-grant program?” suggests Bob Atlas, president of the EBG Advisors unit of health care law firm Epstein Becker & Green, P.C. and a longtime Medicaid managed care strategist. Block granting, in which states receive a fixed amount of federal funding as opposed to the current percentage tied to whatever states spend, was part of Trump’s health care platform and already has the support of Rep. Tom Price, M.D. (R-Ga.), who has been picked by Trump to serve as HHS secretary.

Nevertheless, “something as fundamental as changing Medicaid financing” would require numerous Democrats to get on board, points out Atlas. And he doesn’t view that as likely, nor does he give block granting high odds of being approved via legislation this year given that the current Republican majority is not sufficient to overcome a Democratic filibuster in the Senate. “I think block granting is something that conservatives want to do as a long-term strategy to get federal deficits under control, but it will take more than one or two attempts to get there,” he predicts.