Adam Forman Quoted in “Companies Take Aim at Anonymous Online Reviews”

Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report, Bloomberg BNA Human Resources Report

Adam S. Forman, a Member of the Firm in the Employment, Labor, and Workforce Management practice, based in Chicago and Detroit, was quoted in Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report and Bloomberg BNA Human Resources Report, in “Companies Take Aim at Anonymous Online Reviews,” by Caryn Freeman.

Following is an excerpt:

He said companies have to make the decision to pursue an anonymous reviewer based on what makes the most sense for their organization while still considering the stakes.

“I wouldn't assume that litigation is going to be your option every time. I would look at it on a case by case basis and do an analysis of all the factors with key stakeholders and try to reach a consensus that makes the most sense for your organization,” Forman said.

He said if hiring managers are fielding comments from job seekers or candidates about negative online reviews, human resources should have a strategy for responding to those concerns.

“My response to any client who would call asking me about this is ‘don't forget the tools that are already in your tool chest from an HR, public relations or legal compliance perspective,'” he said.