Adam Forman Featured in “Love of Technology Leads Lawyer from Atari to Epstein”

Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report

Adam S. Forman, a Member of the Firm in the Employment, Labor & Workforce Management practice, in the firm’s Detroit and Chicago offices, was featured in the Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report, in “Love of Technology Leads Lawyer from Atari to Epstein,” by Gayle Cinquegrani.

Following is an excerpt:

The path from Atari to Becker Green may not be obvious, but for employment lawyer Adam Forman, a youthful fondness for video games led to a specialty in workplace technology issues.

“I'm a kid of the ’80s,” Forman told Bloomberg BNA. “I grew up with every Atari” gaming system and was “an early adopter” of home computers. Focusing on the impact of technology “seemed a natural evolution of that interest,” he said.

“Most of my education and outreach activities are in the technology space,” said Forman, who works in Epstein Becker Green's Detroit and Chicago offices. He frequently speaks at conferences about digital hiring algorithms and office collaboration platforms such as Slack, SharePoint and Facebook At Work.

“By and large,” however, most of his legal work is traditional labor and employment law, he said. “I do a lot of policy review.”

Nevertheless, “where I can, I try to combine” technology and employment law, Forman said. For example, when lecturing on the Labor Department's new overtime rule, he'll discuss how an employer can use technology to facilitate compliance.