Adam Abrahms Discusses New Laws California Employers Face in 2017 Live on McIntyre in the Morning

McIntyre in the Morning

Adam C. Abrahms, a Member of the Firm in the Employment, Labor & Workforce Management and Health Care and Life Sciences practices, in the firm’s Los Angeles office, was featured on the McIntyre in the Morning radio show, which broadcasts on 790 (AM) KABC, in a segment on the many new laws that are set to affect California employers in 2017.

Following is an excerpt:

Doug McIntyre: … which one in your opinion is the most problematic and is going to cause the most difficulty for California employers?

Adam Abrahms: … So I think that one of the biggest issues is really as we see more and more municipalities getting involved and trying to tinker with employment regulations is finding ways for employers to comply with things like the sick leave law and the minimum wage law and the differences between those laws that there may be between the various different cities in which an employer may operate. And so just because you think you’re following the state laws - you mentioned the minimum wage goes up in California just the other day – well great, you’re following that law. But if you’re in one of twenty cities in the state that is also changing the law, you’re going to have issues if you’re not following those local laws.