ADA Obligations of Health Providers Are Magnified by ACA, in Law360

Frank Morris, Jr., a Member of the Firm in the Litigation, Employee Benefits, and Labor and Employment practices, in the Washington, DC, office, and Andrea Calem, a Senior Attorney in the Labor and Employment practice, in Washington, DC, office, co-wrote an article titled "ADA Obligations of Health Providers Are Magnified by ACA."

Following is an excerpt:

America's heated health care policy debates have taken place against the backdrop of significant enforcement and regulatory activity under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and other disability statutes. Much of this recent activity has been targeted at health care providers, which fall within the definition of "public accommodations" under Titles II and III of the ADA, affecting public and private entities respectively. Like all other public accommodations, health care providers are charged under the ADA with the legal obligation to make their goods, services, accommodations and facilities accessible to individuals with disabilities; make reasonable policy modifications; and remove barriers so that accessibility is afforded to the maximum extent reasonably feasible.