5 Things to Know About Physician Practice Management

Physician’s Practice

Leonard Lipsky, Member of the Firm, and Yulian Shtern, Associate, in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the firm’s New York and Newark offices, co-authored an article in Physician’s Practice, titled, “5 Things to Know About Physician Practice Management.”

Following is an excerpt:

Let’s face it, the day-to-day demands of running a successful practice make it nearly impossible for physicians to treat patients and simultaneously devote the necessary attention to business operations.

As the non-medical burdens of private practice increase over time – billing, collections, human resources management, etc. – many physicians turn to management service organizations (MSOs) for administrative support. These arrangements allow MSOs to handle the business functions of a medical practice, while the physicians focus their energy on patient care.

How does a physician determine if a physician practice management arrangements with an MSO is right for his or her practice? Below is a list of five things that physicians should consider…