12 Ways to Make Telework Work — for the Long Haul

HR Dive

Tamara Bock, Member of the Firm in the Employment, Labor & Workforce Management practice, in the firm’s New York office, authored an article in HR Dive, titled “12 Ways to Make Telework Work — for the Long Haul.”

Following is an excerpt:

You've been forced into isolation for so long, it may be starting to feel good. After all, by eliminating the commute to the office alone, workers can reclaim an average of more than nine days each year. And employees aren't the only ones benefiting. With all of their newfound extra time, workers are, well, working. If you are an employer that is considering turning 2020's trial-by-fire-remote-work experiment into an actual long-term business plan, below are a few items to troubleshoot before making the transition permanent.