Industry Leadership

Mr. Lutes serves and advocates on behalf of clients through two consultancies focused on the health care industry:

EBG Advisors, Inc., is a Washington, DC-based consultancy that takes a multidisciplinary approach to helping health care and life sciences companies navigate the many obstacles that they face. EBG Advisors is a network of international attorneys, policy analysts, strategists, and other professionals who specialize in providing coordinated guidance and solutions across various segments of the health care industry.

National Health Advisors is a consultancy dedicated to the provision of legislative and regulatory advocacy. No other consultancy matches National Health Advisors’ depth of expertise in helping a wide range of organizations navigate and influence policies that affect the U.S. health care system. National Health Advisors gives health, education, and not-for-profit institutions a strong voice in the halls of Congress and throughout federal administrative agencies.

In addition, Mr. Lutes serves in various industry leadership roles, including as a member of the Board of Directors of:

Health Insights, a not-for profit organization that provides a forum for chief executive officers from many of the nation’s major hospitals and health systems and the companies supporting the industry to learn from one another, share experiences in an open environment, and discuss opportunities and challenges of the past, present, and future.

Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI), a national nonprofit, nonpartisan organization composed of stakeholders from across all key sectors of health and health care; NEHI’s mission is to advance innovations that improve health, enhance the quality of health care, and achieve greater value for the money spent.