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Lori Medley Quoted in “Silicon Valley’s Next Big Thing: Gender Bias Litigation”

Corporate Counsel

Lori A. Medley,an Associate in the Litigation practice, in the firm’s New York office, was quoted in Corporate Counsel, in “Silicon Valley's Next Big Thing: Gender Bias Litigation,” by Marlisse Silver Sweeney.

Following is an excerpt:

“These lawsuits come during a time when Silicon Valley companies have been under scrutiny in the media for their lack of diversity,” says Medley. She explains the Facebook suit, filed by Chia Hong, relies on the California Fair Employment and Housing Act to make claims of discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender, race and nationality. The second, filed by Tina Huang against Twitter, relies on the same legislation for a class action lawsuit, alleging the company’s system for promoting employees is biased against females.