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Politics, Populism, and the Future of Prescription Drug Pricing Reform

John S. Linehan, an Associate in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the firm’s Baltimore and Washington, DC, offices, authored an article for, titled “Politics, Populism, and the Future of Prescription Drug Pricing Reform.”

Following is an excerpt:

When the market’s opening bell rang on the morning following the 2016 presidential election, stocks for major drug manufacturers surged across the board. Donald Trump’s victory was perceived as a boon for the pharmaceutical industry, which had warily eyed Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive plans for drug pricing reform. Nevertheless, in the election’s immediate wake, significant uncertainty surrounds the future of drug pricing reform – not least following Trump’s 7 December comments on bringing prices down — causing industry observers to take a closer look at the policy views of the president-elect, state and Congressional lawmakers, and the general public. If recent history is any guide, the populist impetus for legislative action will grow in federal and state legislatures but the ability to achieve balanced and effective reform may remain elusive.