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Benefits Litigation Update – January 2014

A Publication from Epstein Becker Green
and The ERISA Industry Committee

Epstein Becker Green and The ERISA Industry Committee ("ERIC") are pleased to present the current issue of the Benefits Litigation Update ("Update"). The Update is a publication which provides two primary components:

  1. Featured Articles addressing trends or topics currently being discussed in the benefits community which (i) explain why the topic is important, (ii) explain the impact of the topic on the reader, and (iii) propose some action that should be considered in response; and
  2. A select Case Summary involving noteworthy benefits litigation.

We have partnered with ERIC in this endeavor and thank them for all their work on this issue and the upcoming FocusOn call on January 29 at 2 pm (EDT).


Will Section 510 of ERISA Restrict
Workforce Structuring under the Affordable Care Act?
By: Jeffrey A. Lieberman and Kenneth J. Kelly

A New Threat to Sponsors and Fiduciaries:
Equitable Remedies After Amara
Presumption Revisited
By: Scott J. Macey, The ERISA Industry Committee

First ERISA Decision From Supreme Court This Term Strongly
Endorses Plan-Created Limitations Periods For Benefit Claims
By: John Houston Pope

Class Action Fee Litigation Continues to Plague Plan Sponsors
By: Debra Davis, The ERISA Industry Committee

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