Health care is the largest and the fastest growing component of the American economy. The size and complexity of the health care industry increasingly leads to high-stakes litigation among providers, manufacturers, insurers and, overwhelmingly, federal and state law enforcement agencies and qui tam relators and plaintiffs' lawyers acting in the name of the government. What once were disputes that were easily managed are now risks that routinely are measured in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. And for hospital systems, pharmaceutical manufacturers, benefits managers, and nursing facilities, the stakes in fraud cases sometimes exceed billions of dollars. The litigation juggernaut also has spawned a compliance and investigative sub-industry that itself fosters great expense and risk.

A participant in the business of health care needs a highly skilled and experienced law firm to meet the challenges of health care litigation and compliance in both civil and criminal cases—and Epstein Becker Green is ideally suited to meet that need. With one of the largest fully integrated health practices in the country and with offices in nearly every region, Epstein Becker Green offers dispute avoidance and litigation services that are significant in scope and competence.

Because we are knowledgeable, not just in health care litigation but in all phases of health care financing, delivery, and reimbursement, Epstein Becker Green's investigative and trial lawyers have the resources that frequently allow clients to resolve disputes with government agencies and payers at an early stage, often in conjunction with internal investigations that our lawyers conduct on behalf of management, boards of directors, and audit committees. Members of our litigation team, who often have high-level governmental prosecutorial backgrounds, have successfully litigated numerous court cases and settled cases through alternative dispute resolution.

Epstein Becker Green's litigation team offers:

  • An outstanding record of successes defending fraud and qui tam cases, regulatory and securities cases, government contracting litigation, exclusion and debarment proceedings, and reimbursement and financing matters of all kinds
  • Broad experience in complex health issues, civil and criminal litigation, and compliance investigations before federal and state courts and administrative and private tribunals
  • Highly skilled courtroom lawyers, often with senior governmental experience, strategically located throughout the United States who have been successful before trial courts and juries, courts of appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States
  • A level of substantive integration that results in new approaches and a thorough understanding of complex health care legal and litigation issues, and which judges and juries rely upon
  • Recognized knowledge of complex corporate health structures and relationships and federal and state health and reimbursement laws and regulations