In the wake of recent legislative enactments, any company doing business with the federal government or numerous state governments is at risk of being sued under a federal or state False Claims Act (FCA). The qui tam provisions in these FCA statutes provide significant monetary incentive for individuals to “blow the whistle” on alleged fraud against the government. Whether you are involved in health care, schools or road construction, or sales of goods to the government, if the government is your customer, you may wind up as its defendant. In that unfortunate eventuality, you need our help to guide you through the process—whether your goal is a quiet resolution before public disclosure, favorable settlement, or vigorous litigation in court.

Combining the experience and knowledge of its lawyers in the health care and life sciences industry with its litigators, Epstein Becker Green's False Claims Act Practice Group is well suited to successfully defend clients in major federal and state FCA and qui tam lawsuits nationwide. Our lawyers have represented many clients in the health care industry in matters that have been settled as well as cases that have gone to trial. We also represent clients in FCA cases in the defense, education, housing, transportation, and financial services industries.

Epstein Becker Green has decades of experience in litigation and business disputes; health care and life sciences; employment, labor, and workforce management; and corporate services. Our attorneys are able to call on a breadth and depth of knowledge when providing defense under FCA statutes. We work in multidisciplinary teams that bring to bear various individuals with the experience needed to address your matters, familiarity of the industry and your particular segment of it, and an intimate knowledge of the courtroom. Headed by former Assistant U.S. Attorneys and seasoned civil litigators, our dynamic FCA teams bring invaluable insights into government investigations, litigation, and negotiations. We understand the gravity of FCA prosecutions and utilize our skills and know-how when defending clients against complex FCA allegations.