Wellness Programs and the Affordable Care Act (ACA): What You Need to Know Now


Frank Morris, Jr., Member of the Firm, and Adam Solander, Associate, present a webinar, "Wellness Programs and the Affordable Care Act (ACA): What You Need to Know Now," hosted by the Center for Competitive Management.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) turbocharges corporate wellness programs, but also adds additional compliance challenges and complexity. To avoid costly lawsuits and painful fines, your wellness program must be carefully designed. Are you up to date on the latest regulations and other developments, under the ACA as they impact your employee wellness program strategy?

This comprehensive webinar explores the nuances of these new regulations and how to translate them into business strategies that can help your organization reduce health care costs and improve productivity.

  • New ACA requirements that could derail your wellness program
  • Other regulatory requirements: ADA and GINA
  • Upcoming threats to your wellness program
  • Keys to design your wellness program strategy to take advantage of the regulations' incentives

During this information-packed session, our expert faculty will explore:

Wellness Program Regulations Under the ACA

  • Implications for new financial incentives and premium reductions
  • Clarifications regarding the design of standards-based wellness programs
  • What will be the new maximums allowed for standards-based wellness programs?
  • "Reasonable alternatives" as defined in the regulations

Wellness Program Updates: Keys for Compliance

  • New regulations: Turbocharge your wellness program, navigate the complexity
  • Effective solutions to design a compliant and effective wellness program
  • Use of wellness programs under the Employer Mandate
  • Keys to compliant  program incentives and surcharges

Wellness Programs: Threats

  • "Voluntary" under the ADA
  • Status of Wellness Litigation
  • Where the EEOC Stands
  • GINA's Impact on Wellness Programs
  • Future subregulatory guidance under AC
  • Wellness as a plan

Wellness Programs: What's What You Need to Do Now

  • Smoking-cessation and weight-management programs: Avoid legal pitfalls
  • Financial incentives and legal troubles: Keys to minimize painful consequences
  • Using wellness programs to remove the worst risks from your health plan

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