Webinar: Hiring a Competitor’s Employee: Practical Steps to Minimize Litigation Risk


Peter A. Steinmeyer and Zachary C. Jackson, Members of the Firm, will present a webinar, "Hiring a Competitor's Employee: Practical Steps to Minimize Litigation Risk," sponsored by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

Restrictive covenants help companies protect their information, their customer bases, and the stability of their workforces. This webinar will discuss the practical steps that companies can take — today — in order to protect their assets and hire the best talent, while at the same time decrease their risk of costly restrictive covenant litigation.

Who Should Attend: HR Professionals, Business Owners, CEOs/COOs/CFOs, Supervisors, Managers, and Hiring Coordinators

For more information, visit ILChamber.org or call Stacey Duncan at 217/522-5512 ext. 227 or [email protected].