Unconventional Gas Drilling & Fracking: Technology, Law & Regulation


As part of a six-person panel, Eileen Millett will speak on NYS and NYC differences over Marcellus shale, the EPA's posture, and DRBC regulations.

Panel topics include: 

  • What are "unconventional natural gas drilling," "shale gas," and "hydraulic fracturing" - or "fracking" - a technical discussion of what it is, when it came to be and its use today
  • Pre-drilling and exploration injuries
  • The chemical make up of the "fracking" brew - some chemicals include diesel fuel, benzene, methanol, formaldehyde, etc.
  • The hottest shale gas plays with the most drilling
  • The incentives and benefits of unconventional natural gas drilling to landowners and others
  • The potential harms of unconventional natural gas drilling
  • Discussion of recent spills and contaminations
  • What state and federal agencies like the EPA have to say about the process
  • What options are available to landowners
  • Potential third-party liability insurance recovery for energy companies facing allegations of fracking-related liability
  • Potential first-party property and business interruption insurance coverage for energy companies engaging in fracking

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