The Proposed EEOC Wellness Regulations, the ADA, & Employer-Sponsored Programs

Webinar (EDT)

Frank C. Morris, Jr., a Member of the Firm, will co-present “The Proposed EEOC Wellness Regulations, the ADA, & Employer-Sponsored Programs,” an ALI-CLE webinar.

On April 20, 2015, the EEOC proposed rules for employer sponsored wellness plans. The EEOC's proposal aims to reconcile the provisions of the ACA and ADA with respect to employer wellness programs.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How the ADA and Wellness Programs intersect
  • The elements of the EEOC's proposed regulation
  • Key issues on which EEOC is seeking comments
  • EEOC's position on Seff v. Broward County and ADA's bona fide benefit plan safe harbor
  • The key differences between EEOC's proposed regulation and the ACA rules from DOL, HHS and Treasury
  • What about GINA and wellness programs?
  • Key issues and potential pitfalls from the proposed regulation for employers who have or are considering wellness programs and wellness program providers
  • What employers should do now

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