The Hottest COVID-19 Employment Issues Part 1: Returning to In-Office Work – Key Employment Law Issues That Employers Should Consider Now

Webinar (CT)

Attorneys James J. Oh, Susan Gross Sholinsky, Brenna R. McLean, and Kathleen A. Barrett, will present, "Returning to In-Office Work: Key Employment Law Issues That Employers Should Consider Now," part one of a two part webinar series, "The Hottest COVID-19 Employment Issues," hosted by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC).

Presenters will discuss the COVID-19 employment issues facing businesses now and the steps businesses can take to minimize their exposure to liability. With all adults in the United States now eligible for the vaccine, businesses face the challenge of addressing employment issues involved in a return to the office. Businesses need to anticipate and protect against the litigation threats related to a return to in-office work.

Topics include:

  • vaccine “dos and don’ts”
  • discrimination and accommodation issues related to vaccines and in-office work
  • COVID-19 screening, testing, and contact tracing
  • whether in-office masking and social distancing are still required
  • how to navigate conflicting federal, state, and local requirements
  • frequently asked questions related to COVID-19 and in-office work

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