The Growing Role of Diversity & Inclusion in Healthcare Explained – LIVE Webcast

Healthcare Reform remains a topic of perennial interest for many health practitioners with diversity issues being among the most challenging. Participants and contributors to the healthcare system must be aware with diversity and inclusion in order to avoid disparities in health services access brought about by language barriers, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds.

In a live webcast prepared by The Knowledge Group, a panel of health experts and thought leaders will provide a comprehensive discussion of this topic. They will share their opinion in a two-hour teleconference and webinar.

Who Should Attend:

Attorneys, Accountants, Diversity & Inclusion Managers, Directors, President, Coders, Compliance Officers, Medical Directors, Medical Providers, Office Nurses, Risk Managers, Utilization Review Personnel, Medical Management Supervisors, Physicians (in all specialties), Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Quality Management Professionals, Safety Officers, Lawyers, Accountants, Health Care Providers, Health Industries Leader, Clinical Nurses, Case Managers, CEOs, CFOs, Billing Personnel, Clinical Documentation Specialists, Skilled Nursing Administrators, Rehabilitation Directors