The “Electronic Employee” — Challenges Posed by Social Media and Other Electronic Data

New York, NY

1221 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10020

Shawndra G. Jones, Senior Counsel, will participate in the panel discussion, "The "Electronic Employee" — Challenges Posed by Social Media and Other Electronic Data," a program hosted by the New York State Bar Association.

Electronic data permeates the workplace. Not surprisingly, that data can lead to disputes between employers and employees. Disputes can arise from, among other things, investigations undertaken by employers of prospective and current employees, discipline imposed on employees for social media use, employment agreement provisions related to compulsory arbitration, confidentiality, and post-employment non-competition, and bargaining over terms and conditions of employment. These disputes can fall within the jurisdiction of various New York State and federal agencies such as the NLRB which, as reconstituted by the new Administration in Washington, is reversing Obama-era policies. This three-hour CLE program will examine the nature of various disputes arising from the use of electronic data in the workplace, the role of the NLRB and other agencies in these disputes, and how to create practical policies to guide the employer-employee relationship.

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