The Department of Labor’s New Fiduciary Duty Rule: How Your Business Must Change – Wrap Up and Open Forum

New York, NY

The Harvard Club

35 W. 44th Street

Michelle Capezza, Member of the Firm, will join the wrap up and open forum panel session at the IA Watch and BD Watch conference on "The Department of Labor's New Fiduciary Duty Rule: How Your Business Must Change."

The Department of Labor's new fiduciary duty rule reshapes who is a fiduciary under ERISA, and the impact of the rule changes everything — even for investment advisers. With much at stake, this one-day conference will break down the most critical information about this monumental rule. The rule isn’t easy to digest, and questions will linger. This final, interactive panel session will invite attendees to voice all of their remaining questions to ensure they go home ready before the rule takes effect.

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