The Challenges and Rewards of Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care – Thought Leaders in Population Health Webinar Series

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Thought Leaders in Population Health Webinar Series

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Although mental health and substance abuse (behavioral health) services have historically been segregated from traditional medical care, its impact on patients’ well-being, physical health and cost-of-care has become increasingly critical to improving clinical quality outcomes while significantly decreasing financial costs by tens of billions of dollars. Drs. Daviss and Coleman will discuss the advances in policy and practice regarding the integration of behavioral health with physical health, as well as some of the gaps in identifying, aggregating, and analyzing data critical to a more holistic and comprehensive view of the individual.

In addition, the speakers will:

  • Identify the clinical, legal, social, and financial impacts of behavioral health disorders on chronic medical conditions.
  • Describe the challenges involved in improving clinical and financial outcomes in patients with chronic medical conditions who also have behavioral health symptoms and/or conditions.
  • Demonstrate the rewards for implementing new information technology applications and analysis for better clinical and financial outcomes for these specific populations.

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Mark E. Lutes, Member of the Firm and Chair of Epstein Becker Green's Board of Directors


Charles A. Coleman, PhD, Senior Sponsor of IBM's Population Health Insights and Programs Management of IBM's Healthcare Solutions Board

Steven R. Daviss, MD, DFAPA, Chief Medical Officer at M3 Information, LLC, a DC-based mobile mental health information technology company that developed the peer-reviewed multi-dimensional, patient-centered mental health screening tool, M3Clinician

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