The Affordable Care Act: Recent Developments


Gretchen Harders, Member of the Firm, presents "The Affordable Care Act: Recent Developments," a webcast hosted by

Ms. Harders begins this program with a brief discussion of the Act's implementation. Next, the program highlights new, resulting employment law considerations, underscoring the organizational classifications pertinent to employers' determination of where their companies now stand. Ms. Harders then evaluates new tax considerations and explains adjustments to prior methods of computation, respective to a vast scale of company size-based classifications. Finally, Ms. Harders helps define the multiple "types" of employees and explains how the status of each affects their requisite health care and employee status. Join Lawline and Ms. Harders for this comprehensive analysis of the Affordable Care Act.

Learning Objectives:

I. Recognize the ACA's impact on employers of various types and sizes

II. Identify new tax provisions relating to implementation of ACA programs

III. Distinguish different employee types as defined by ACA provisions

IV. Implement a cross-organizational ACA-compliant employee benefit policy

V. Digest additional significant ACA provisions

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