Telehealth Task Force Update: The ERISA Industry Committee

Teleconference (EDT)

Stuart Gerson, Member of the Firm, will serve as featured speaker during a call hosted by the Telehealth Task Force of The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC).  

Mr. Gerson will discuss antitrust litigation against state regulatory boards, covering a series of recent cases that explore the reach of state-action immunity for state licensing boards when board members are active participants in the occupation the board regulates, including this year’s North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. FTC Supreme Court case and Sensational Smiles v. Mullen, a recent Second Circuit case. 

The discussion is of particular relevance to telehealth, as these cases are part of a growing trend in antitrust litigation that challenges the scope of state licensing boards’ authority to adopt rules and policies that have a significant anticompetitive impact. 

The call is available only to ERIC members. For more information, visit